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Our Auction Program Explained

by: lauren, on July 12, 2022 - estates new jersey Home Seller Tips jeff quintin realty new jersey The Quintin Group

                            Our seller’s auction program could help you attract more buyers.

Did you know that our team has an auction platform? Sellers want to know that they’ve received the highest possible price for their homes, and our seller’s auctions might just be the platform you need to sell your property for more. 

Here’s how it works: We’ll meet with you and present a typical market analysis, tell you what you should list your home for on the open market, and let you know what price you’re likely to receive. If you want to sell your home this way, don’t worry—we can help you. 

For our auction program, we’ll set a starting minimum bid price for your property that is lower than market value. This will attract more buyers to look at and make offers on your home. You’ll reserve the right to take an offer at any time and cancel the auction whenever you want. We can also set limits on offers so that buyers must submit a certain down payment or terms to put in a bid. 

If you have questions about our auction program or anything else, please call or email us. We’d love to speak with you!