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Should you sell now, or sell later?

by: Jeff Quintin, on October 23, 2013 - estates new jersey faq mortgage negotiation new jersey real estate new jersey real estates new real estate nj nj nj real estate nj real estate new nj real estates

Should you sell now, or sell later?

Welcome back to Jeff Quintin TV! I’m your host Jeff Quintin, giving you the most passionate real estate show on the internet. I’m really excited about today’s topic. Everyone is noticing that inventory is dropping in many markets, causing prices to go up in certain areas. This causes many people to wonder if they should sell now or wait the market out. To help your decision, we’ve designed a calculator to help you determine if you should hold your property for now (and for how long) or if now is the time to sell.

If you would like me to run your numbers through the calculator and determine if you should wait or sell, just reply back to my email with your monthly payment, your annual income and whether or not it’s a rental property.

As of right now, it is hard to tell if the market will go up. The calculator we have designed will give us a good idea of what the market will do in your area, given your circumstances. I appreciate you watching my video; send it along to someone who can benefit from it. Let me know if there is anything else you need and I look forward to our call being the best call of your day.