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Update on Hurricane Irene

by: Jeff Quintin, on August 26, 2011 - Uncategorized

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I am writing this to you at 7:47 AM Friday August 26, 2011.  Here is the latest up to date information and recommendations regarding hurricane Irene.

City officials have announced a mandatory evacuation as of 8 am this morning. This does not mean that you have to be off the island by 8 am. This simply is the start time of the evacuation. The island is 100% accessible and will be all day and into tomorrow am. If you have tenants coming to check into your property for this Saturday check in, please tell them that Monday is the day to come down and check in.  depending on the storm, access on Saturday on the island will be limited. The city encourages all home owners to come to the shore today to secure your property. Here are the following recommendations:

1. All outside furniture stowed away, removed from all decks.  Anything that can blow off your deck secure and or stowed inside.

2. All items that are in the garage and around the property on the ground level, get up off the ground and put up high.

3. If you have a boat, get it out of the water today.  All public boat ramps are open, free and accessible.

4. Take pictures of the inside and outside of your property and all personal property.  Use a digital camera with a date on it.

5. Make sure all your insurance is up to date, and bring all the documents with you so that you have them in a safe place. McMahon and Heist Ins. Agencies also have information on their websites.

6.  If property typically doesn’t get water at high tides and storms, act as though it does and get everything up off the ground.

On Saturday sometime in the late am or afternoon (city officials are waiting to see what time) the ocean city bridges inbound will be shut down.  Only outbound will be open, so once you leave, you will not be able to re-enter.  If anyone decides to ride out the storm and not leave the island,  the city will not guarantee if there is an emergency that the calls will be responded too.  It is possible that 911 calls may not get answered.

City officials and emergency management are watching the hurricane, and expect either tons of rain and wind, or heavy storm surge with flooding and major high tides.  Depending on if the eye of the hurricane passes us either on the left or the right.

THE ISLAND IS OPEN TODAY, AND ACCESSIBLE.  COME DOWN AND SECURE YOUR PROPERTY TODAY.   If there is any further updates I will send another email. Also will be sending a voice broadcast to you as well.

Be Safe!